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So you’re in the market and you’re looking for a prom party bus And you’ve come to the right place. A prom party bus is a great way to commemorate a very special and limited occasion that you’re going to have in your life. You’re only in high school once and having a prom party bus is the perfect way to travel together in style and class. You and your entourage will be picked up in your prom party bus and escorted to your prom in the style that most people can’t even imagine. Having to prom party was is definitely a highlight of high school And I can tell you in many occasions we’ve had the opportunity to take so many people to prom that we get to relive this experience over and over again.

Party buses are fun for a lot of reasons but the reason that most people enjoy them is because of the number of couples that you can put on a prom party bus. typically our largest party bus seeds between 30 and 40 people depending on how early you book and so that means between 10:00 or maybe even 15 couples can be seated on a prom party bus. The more people you have them more you can split the cost and save for this type of an experience. Passing the cost around with a prom party bus is a great way to save money but it’s also a safe way to go to prom. When I wrote this specific page I was writing this with essentially two different types of people that might be searching for it prom party bus. Typically the phone calls that we get start with high School students giving us a call doing some initial leg work and trying to figure out if there’s a problem party bus that’s going to fit the size of group that they would like to go with. Then we get a follow-up phone call typically from parents when they put the small deposit down to hold for their date.

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As a parent that thinks about safety and also has children I understand this perspective from both places as a parent I want my children to be happy and I want them to have fun. A prom party bus is definitely a way for them to accomplish the fun part but I also want them to be safe. Our drivers are focused on both of those things fun and safety. when you rent from us you’ll know that you’re renting from a person that’s also a parent but also has been in high school and knows how fun it is to have your friends around you. These are formative years and these are special occasions that we know are important and we want to be there for you and celebrate both by having a blast but more importantly being safe. If you’re in the market for a prom party bus don’t delay give us a call today or send us some information to the website and we’ll be sure to get back to you and answer all of your questions in regards to the different styles amenities and buses that we have available. In order to have the best experience with your prom party bus it’s important that you book sooner than later. We all know that booking early makes a big difference but the reason that it makes a difference with a prom party bus is you want to pick of the litter. You want as many amenities as possible and you want the bus that’s going to fit you and your entourage as well. Give us a call a few months in advance and you can ensure that you’re going to have the vehicle that you want and deserve. We look forward to serving you and your friends and family in the years to come and we look forward to talking to you soon.